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Creating Tables 1:42
Creating Tables
Select questions, show statistics, view multiple questions side-by-side
Recoding Data 1:54
Recoding Data
Group variables into a question, change variables from categorical to numeric
Filtering Data 1:30
Filtering Data
Apply and create filters
Creating New Variables 2:00
Creating New Variables
Create new variables using formulas and programming language
Coding Text Data 1:41
Coding Text Data
Coding text with new code frame or an existing list
Choice Modeling and Conjoint 2:31
Choice Modeling and Conjoint
Estimate models, compare segments, latent class analysis
Exporting 1:21
Export tables and editable plots to Powerpoint, Word and Excel, into your template
Regression 2:06
Determine regression type automatically
Significance Testing 2:53
Significance Testing
Determine appropriate significance test and highlight significant results
Tracking and Time Series 1:39
Tracking and Time Series
Change time periods, update automatically with new data
Weighting 1:04
Apply and create weights using one or more variables
Mapping and Correspondence Analysis 1:09
Mapping and Correspondence Analysis
Moon plot and scatter plot
Segmentation 2:04
Latent class analysis and cluster analysis
Tree 0:55
Build predictive models with multiple dependent variables
Plots 2:02
Plots for Extracting Insight
Turn tables into plots
Automatically Update Projects 1:30
Automatically Update Projects
Tables and plots in a Q project automatically update when updated with new data
Build a Dashboard in Minutes 1:38
Build a Dashboard in Minutes
Share a Q project with clients as an online dashboard in just one step!
Update PowerPoint Embedded Charts 1:43
Update PowerPoint Embedded Charts
Embedded charts in PowerPoint automatically update when the table in Q is updated.
Weighting by Wave 1:31
Weighting by Wave
Weight tracking data by wave instead of the whole sample.
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